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What if asking Jesus into our hearts is not the heart of the gospel?

What if salvation looks different than we thought?

In By the Way, pastor and author Derek Vreeland reframes everything we’ve been told about Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus. Discipleship isn’t an add-on.

Jesus didn’t say, “Go into all the world and get people saved” or “Get people to ask me into their hearts.”
Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples.”

Reclaiming discipleship as the heart of the Christian faith means seeing anew the gospel, the cross, the resurrection, transformation, and the community of faith. We learn the ways of Jesus by practicing them, Vreeland says, and in By the Way, he introduces us to the ways of Jesus.

Discipleship means joining God s joyful mission of reconciliation, not just saving souls. Following Jesus is more like taking a long walk in the woods than sitting in a classroom.

Living by the Way takes practice and that’s the point.


From the Forward by Dr. Derwin Gray, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church and former NFL Player:

“I know this book will grip your heart. You are going to fall deeper in love with Jesus, his church, his mission for his church, and people who have yet to taste and see that the Lord is so good.

How amazing is it that Jesus shares his eternal-kind-of-life, ministry, and mission with his disciples?

It’s mind blowing to contemplate that Jesus right now is seated at the right hand of his Father, in a realm that the New Testament calls heaven, yet Jesus expresses himself on earth through his disciples, called the Body of Christ. Jesus loves, forgives, and transforms, and brings glimpses of heaven to earth through his people.

Through the pages of this book, Derek is going to help you reimagine what it means to follow Jesus.”


“…a practical and compelling guidebook that shows us how a life of radical allegiance to Jesus is not only possible, but the only way to really live.” —Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House


“It would behoove those of us serious about living out the gospel to pay attention and to learn—or perhaps relearn—from Derek Vreeland.” — Marlena Graves, author of A Beautiful Disaster


“Winsome, story-filled, theologically sound.” —David Fitch, Professor at Northern Seminary


“Vreeland lays out a map of the many contours of the Jesus Way, complete with practices and reflections.” —Glenn Packiam, Associate Senior Pastor of New Life Church


“Robust, accessible, rich, and contextual.”  —Tara Beth Leach, Senior Pastor of PazNaz


a fresh vision of what it means to say yes to Jesus’s way…” —Rich Villodas, Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church


“…an important and timely book written by an experienced pastor…” —Brian Zahnd, Lead Pastor of Word of Life Church