I have been offered a contract!

In June of this year, I submitted my first book proposal to a major Christian publisher and within a week I received my first rejection letter. I was a bit disappointed, but that was not my first “no.” Later in the summer I submitted a few other proposals and they too were rejected.

I took to Twitter and posted something about getting rejected and not quitting. I believe in this book. I believe there is no book on discipleship out there that is quite like mine. Why don’t these publishers see that?!? I used Twitter to voice my complaint.

I received a DM from a friend who asked if I had tried Hearld Press. I hadn’t thought of them. I read and recommended Bruxy Cavey’s book on the gospel that was published by them last year.

I polished my proposal and sent it off. Two days later I received an email from Valerie Weaver-Zercher, their acquisition editor, and she said they were interested! I was thrilled. Like tears of joy thrilled.

Four days later I had an hour long ZOOM conversation with Valerie. Her excitement for this project was hopeful and giving my a lot of energy to write. In just two short days after that, I received an email from Valerie. She had made her pitch to the editorial team at Herald Press and they said yes! They want to acquire my book and offer me a contract.


Stay tuned. There is more to come.

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