Cover design has begun

I am still finishing up the book and my publisher has begun the design process for the cover. Our goal is release the book next summer and cover design is one of the first thing we are working on. The design/marketing team has proposed an attractive and compelling cover.

I shared it with the By The Way Buzz TeamĀ on Facebook and got some great feedback. I have submitted my thoughts to my editor and shared the feedback from the buzz team and I hope to hear back from the publisher soon. There is a lot we liked about the cover, but we had some suggested changes too. Seeing this first draft of the cover continues to generate excitement as I hammer away at the manuscript.

So what does this cover look like? Well I’m going to keep that under wraps until it is finalized, but I can say that it is creative. It does some things that I have never seen on a cover!

I will share it will you all in due time.

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