The Cover is Ready!

The cover for By the Way is ready. My publisher has gone with a simplistic design and a clever (and perhaps risky!) reduction of the title to the acronym “btw” with the the “t” resembling a cross.

While the cover was in the design phase I shared it with members of my buzz team and then later with some friends on Facebook. I received a lot of comments about the “btw” on the cover both positive and negative. Some found it compelling others found it confusing.

My initial reaction was negative. I thought it was weird that the title of the book wasn’t on the cover. I shared the sentiment that it seems a bit confusing and maybe not sophisticated enough for the kind of book I am writing.┬áBut all of the conversation about the cover made me rethink all that. Perhaps all of the conversation is the point. Maybe this cover is just compelling enough to create intrigue and cause someone browsing online to stop and read more.

The book’s title (By the Way) will be on the spine of the book and displayed on the top line of the product page online, so I think that will clear up any confusion.

I have self-published my other books where I was the primary decision maker on things like cover design. It’s great to have a publishing team to do a lot of the work on the outside of the book, so I can continue the work on the inside of the book.

Speaking of the book’s interior, I just finished the rough draft which includes an introduction, ten chapters, and an appendix. Right now I am just over 57,000 words. I still need to write out reflection questions for each chapter. These questions will form a built-in study guide, so the book can be used for personal or small group study. I have three outside readers who fit my target audience who are going to read it over the next two weeks, giving me about 2-3 weeks to make final changes before sending it to my editor by December 1!

The release date of the book has been set for June 18, 2019, which is three days after my birthday. All of this is happening much quicker than I ever expected.

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