“I love Derek Vreeland and I love books on discipleship! Reading a book by Derek Vreeland about discipleship is a dream come true! Thank you Derek for capturing the beauty of the way of Jesus in this practical and compelling guidebook for followers of Jesus. By the Way is a practical and compelling guidebook that shows us how a life of radical allegiance to Jesus is not only possible, but the only way to really live.” —Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House, Author of Reunion


“This book is a breath of fresh air! Following Jesus is indeed a loving wayof life. We do not follow Jesus in our minds alone or by having ‘right’ doctrine alone. That is modern-day gnosticism. It would behoove those of us serious about living out the gospel to pay attention and to learn—or perhaps relearn—from Derek Vreeland.”—Marlena Graves, author of A Beautiful Disaster


“Like a splash of water to the face, By the Way awakens us to the realities of discipleship offered via the way of the cross, the kingdom, the resurrection, and of course the life and reign of Jesus. After reading it, we walk away, not with a new set of “to-do’s,” but a new way of life in His presence. Winsome, story-filled, theologically sound. In writing this book, Vreeland is pastoring us to a deeper Christian life.” —David Fitch, Professor at Northern Seminary, Author of Faithful Presence


“For too long, approaches to discipleship have been focused on a set of affirmations or a body of information rather than a pattern of living. Derek Vreeland sets out here to change that. With clarity and accessibility, Vreeland lays out a map of the many contours of the Jesus Way, complete with practices and reflections. This book will help us become better follower of Jesus, and better at inviting others to do the same.” —Glenn Packiam, Associate Senior Pastor of New Life Church, Author of Blessed Broken Given


“Robust, accessible, rich, and contextual, Derek Vreeland’s By the Way paints a vision for the Christian life, the Jesus way. This is a book every pastor should want their congregations to read.” —Tara Beth Leach, Senior Pastor of PazNaz, Author of Emboldened



“For far too long many in the Church have equated faith as a one-time decision we make rather than an on-going way we take. This fundamental misreading of Jesus’ invitation to salvation has resulted in stunted growth, anemic witness, and a profound lack of God’s life flowing through our lives. This is why we need to listen to Derek Vreeland. In Derek’s own words, “the question we ask is not when did we “get saved,” but when did we start participating in the life of salvation?” By the Way offers us a fresh vision of what it means to say yes to Jesus’s way, which immerses us in truth, and invigorates us with life.” —Rich Villodas, Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church


“In By the Way Derek Vreeland correctly observes that “modern American Evangelicals have made salvation something altogether different from discipleship.” It’s this flawed understanding of salvation that explains why so much of American consumer Christianity appears anemic and deeply compromised. Salvation sold cheap as a ticket to heaven bears little resemblance to what Jesus and the Apostles proclaimed as a robust way of life. And this is why By the Way is an important and timely book — a book written by an experienced pastor seeking to close the embarrassing gap between what is glibly called salvation and the way of discipleship that Jesus actually calls us to. It’s my hope that By the Way will help many people discover the way that leads to life.” —Brian Zahnd, Lead Pastor of Word of Life Church, Author of Postcards From Babylon